07/28/18 Demi Lovato Weekend

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Welcome to Day 2 of our Dedication to Demi Lovato...

Neon Lights

Cool for the Summer

Really Don't Care ft. Cher Lloyd

Sorry Not Sorry

Tell Me You Love Me

Bonus Video:

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As the whole world found out earlier this week Ms. Lovato was hospitalized due to complications from her relapse of alcoholism & possible drug use. We here at Pirates Gold Entertainment will not speculate on what exactly has been happening in Ms. Lovato's life or what happened the night that forced her friends & staff to call 911.

When a person is diagnosed as being an alcoholic they are an alcoholic for life. This is a real life fact. Even if you are able to fight the disease and go the next 50 years of your life without an alcolic beverage you are still an alcoholic. It is important that when someone is diagnosed with this disease that they not only seek help/treatment, but that they surround themselves with people who understand what their going through and bring peace & love into their lives.

The music industry is a huge & demanding business, and it has taken it's toll out on people's lives in the process. We all need to understand this and accept people's privacy especially in their times of need.

From the bottom of our hearts we wish Ms. Lovato a full recovery, and hope that she fully realizes and understands that things like this can cause us to loose ourselves and those we love.

Please take your time in getting better & surround yourself with peace and love.


Give Your Heart A Break

Heart Attack

And let's throw in a bonus video, Shall we?

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