Pirates Gold Entertainment

Pirates Gold Entertainment

Thank you for visiting.
We are currently rebuilding the network from the ground up.
We look forward to launching a bigger & better PGE experience than before.

Available Updates Below:
05/15/2017   I'm sorry about the lack of updates over the past week+. I've been running a lot of errands, as well as having to redesign certain pages of the network. So I haven't been able to get as much work done this past week & a half.
Thank you for your patience & I'll talk to you soon.
Happy Monday to everyone!

05/02/2017   Last week I ran into a situation regarding the menus. I had to go back & delete all of the language menus including the mobile menu & rebuild them after adding on to the main menu.
The good news is that is now done & I have 30 articles that need I need to take care of in the database & the content importing will be finished.
Sometime tomorrow or Thursday I will begin importing all of the much needed mods.
The finish line is almost within view so please hang in there with me.
Thank you & enjoy the rest of your week!

04/25/2017   This past weekend turned out to be very productive with very few minor aches & pains. The language menus are 99.99% finished & I have even started importing content into the site.
At this rate I am about 2wks out from launching the new network.
Upon launch not all new languages will be available on day 1
and the links directory will be empty upon launch as all stations need to be reviewed & logos resubmitted.
I will try to post an update status just before the weekend.
Thank you & enjoy the rest of your week!

04/21/2017   Getting all of the menus created has been a little bit of an undertaking. However, I need to get them cleaned up & the templates setup before I can start importing the content. This should be done by the end of the weekend which is about 3 days later than I would like; to be honest.
I will try to post an update status on Monday or Tuesday.
Have a good weekend!

04/17/2017   I've had a lot of setbacks over the past month since I restarted working on the network which is why my last update disappeared from this page.
I finally have all of the software installed & am now working on the menus.
I'm hoping to start importing content within the next couple of days as time permits.
Please bare with me & thanks for visiting.

12/05/2016   Yesterday while doing some menu checks on the network our paths were not correct. So I had to format & start all over again. I'm almost done getting everything reinstalled.

12/06/2016   Everything's been installed & updated. Before I start getting all of our content re-imported I have to get our theme & menus done. Please bare with me as I'm working as fast & as much as I can.