01/30/2018 - 
Sometimes things happen beyond our control that we wish wouldn't. One of the reasons that made PGE so special was that you could update your profile, post in the forums, check out the latest events on the event calendar & listen to your favorite radio station all without ever leaving our network. Unfortunately as I continue to progress through our rebuild, we are loosing more of our content because more and more companies are turning off their rss feeds & returning to their walled gardens. As more companies prevent their content from being accessed through various means I find myself at a crossroads as to how & where to do I take this one of a kind network. First the House Of Blues shut down their rss feeds and redesigned their site. Now iHeart Media has shut down almost all of their rss feeds preventing us from having their content on our network, and Billboard has shut down their rss feeds for their music charts as well. Unlike Facebook, Myspace, & twitter and the many other well funded companies I do not have the money, power & influence to get the attention of Billboard & iHeart Media, to encourage them to work with me or bring back their rss feeds. When the network relaunches if you all come back, register, and make the network active then you become the ace we need to show these big companies that the little guy can make something great that people want.

When the network relaunches I'm sadden to announce that AT40 will not be returning as well. However I am pleased to announce that our syndication radio show area is growing with the addition of HardDrive Radio, The Daily Download with Carson Daily This Week's Top 30, & Ultimate Classic Rock.

If there is anything you'd like to see when the network launches please share your ideas & suggestions with us at: admin@piratesgoldradio.com

01/26/2018 - 
It's been a couple of weeks since my last udpate so I felt it was time to update everyone on some of the latest happenings.
I'm waiting to hear back from our template developer trying to figure out what to do about this css issue that's been plaguing the network for the past month. Except for this issue I have not run into any other issues *fingers crossed*. I have also updated several pieces of software in addition I skipped over the 3.5 series entirely and upgraded the platform to 3.6.5.

I have been working on the House of Blues pages making the "other locations" area navigatible. Right now I've got 9 locations done with 3 left to go. (They will be finished today)
All but 8 menus have been prepped to make then navigatible after the launch. (They will be finished today)
I've been working to make sure our community forum, groups, gallery, directory & other core features are working smoothly so there are no hiccups after launch.
We will only be launching with 4 different languages menus. They will all be english. They are: Australian, Canadian, United Kingdom, & United States. If everything goes as planned I will launch a new language every 2 days or so after launch. Each language may still contain some english, as we do not have a professional translator, until we get input from the community or external help in making sure each menu item is translated properly.

Let the news flow. We now have the CMA news, CNN entertainment news, the American Music Awards, & the Tony Awards flowing through the frontpage. You can click read more to read the full article as well as view the article on the originating source as well. I hope to be testing and adding up to 10 more entertainment & news sources over the coming month in preperation for our launch toward the beginning of spring. I want to say again that I do not want to put out a launch date before I'm absolutely 100% positive that we will indeed launch on that date.

On January 31st, I will be bringing my computer in for a cleaning & possible internal repair. Unfortunately I was not able to schedule this with the local computer shops in my area so I may not be able to get my computer back the same day. If this does indeed happen I will be mostly offline for a week. So very little to no updates will be made to the network during this time. I apologize for this possible delay, but I promise PGE will relaunch even if it is a week or two later than originally hoped.

Thanks for your time.

01/12/2018 - 
Welcome to Friday, and for some of you the beginning of the weekend. Unfortunately I still have not heard back as to why I was having the menu problems, and as such I made the decision to roll the network back to December 28th the date of our last backup.

Over the past 36hrs I have removed the music chart mods, as well as remove the extra chart pages. In addition to cleaning up the database due to their removal. I have also begun the removal of the charts from the menus as well. As of now they have been removed from 3 menus. It takes a little over an hour to do one menu so it will be sometime before all of the menus are finished.
Because of the rollback all of the tweaks that I made after the platform upgrade were wiped out and will need to be redone.

I can't say that 2018 has been very nice, but I'm slowly making progress and working through the setbacks.

PGE will rise from the ashes, and relaunch toward the beginning of Spring.

01/09/2018 - 
With less than 4 hours left to go, unless I hear back from Mr. Gary Trust, I will begin the dismantling of the networks menus and removal of the music chart mods. While I'm not holding my breath that he will contact me, I am going to be making a backup of our network's database, just in case.

I wanted to clarify myself from yesterday's update announcement. When I mentioned the number of new music charts it seemed to me afterwards that the number of new charts being added could be less than what will be added depending on how you interpret what I wrote. A total of 6 charts are going to be added. 2 in each of the following: Religious, Latin & Spanish, and finally Rock & Alternative. There will be 3 holiday charts if I decide to create a section for them.

Even though I was supposed to take this past week off, I have done some tweaking, including upgrading.
This morning I upgraded our platform yet again to 3.5.1. This is the last version of the 3.5 series. In addition I've also upgraded our mod software was well.
My platform considers everyone who visits the network as "Public" unless the person is signed in. As of today, you will now be known as Visitors.
In addition all registered members are now formally known as Landlubbers.
In the coming month several additional tweaks will be made affecting user groups.

I look forward to getting back to work on the network, and showing off all of the new features.
Welcome to 2018!

12/31/2017 - 
I've spent the better part of this past week working on continuing to make PGE a more professional business. I now have a multi-cloud storage manager, and a brand new email account for our advertising & promotions department.

At the beginning of the week, minus Christmas Day, I began working with the software developer who's software has made it possible to bring you the Billboard music charts, and various other news throughout the site in order to bring you a a more feature rich experience in addition to fixing a bug that was causing the site to disappear on certain pages.
Unfortunately over the past couple of days the Billboard music charts are no longer showing up on the site. Last night I sent out an email to Billboard asking for help & confirmation on the status of this issue.

The Billboard music charts feature was a major driving factor for PGE, as we showcased nearly 40 charts. Because of this, I will have to take a few days off from working on the PGE while I wait to hear back from the folks at Billboard if I ever do. I've spent the better part of yesterday trying to find a replacement for Billboard, and it saddens me to say that I have very few options, and none of them offer a consistent quality product. I know you all want your PGE back, and I want to get the network finished and relaunched as quickly as possible as well. So I have decided that I will give Billboard 5 business days to respond, after which I will begin the painstakingly process of removing the 35+ Billboard music chart links from each of the nearly 40 menus replacing them with a more simplified menu.

This is going to result in two things happening. The first is that this will give you the opportunity to view more charts than we were currently bringing you. The second is that that the charts will no longer be implemented into the page itself. Instead you will see a link to the chart, which will open in what's known as a lightbox. A lightbox is essentially a popup that does not open in a new window or tab, but rather inside of our site. I am truly sorry for this potentially bad news, but it is the best that I can do if Billboard has shut down their RSS feeds without pulling the feature entirely.

I will be taking December 31st, 2017 to January 8th, 2017 off while I wait for Billboard's response.

Thank you all for your understanding &
Happy New Year!

12/22/2017 - 
First let me thank everyone who visited us this past Sunday for our latest update announcement. I had planned on releasing this update on Sunday, but with it being Christmas Eve and all I figured it'd be better to release it today as I don't know what my schedule will be on Sunday.

This week has been extremely busy for me. Earlier this week, I discovered that our CDN was creating a technical bug with some of our content mods. While trying to figure out what was causing the problem with the content mods I downgraded & upgraded our template & module software. So I spent a couple of hours having to redo some template work. I have implemented a workaround for this, but will be contacting our CDN after the first of the new year to see if they can take a look at the situation.

I have also started moving all the software, backups, etc... from our Google Drive to a cloud storage. This was not an easy decision for me, but as I look forward to relaunching the networking, I have to get everything from our archives to backups, & everything else organized as well. Currently everything on our Google Drive is on my personal Google Drive. So in addition to moving everything to a new cloud storage provider, to get it out of my personal Google Drive, I will also be copying & moving several items to our admin & webmaster's Google Drives.

My niece has started translating parts of the menu into various languages and should be done by middle of next week.

Things are progressing slowly, but they are coming along nicely.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & Happy New Year!

12/17/2017 - 
Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your busy schedule to update you all on our return & grand re-opening of PGE.

Let me it clear, PGE is not closing regardless of the fact that we've been closed for almost 2 years. I'm really very sorry for the past two years. Sometimes things happen in life that takes you away from doing what you love.

We almost re-opened earlier this year, but our network glitched & we lost about 25% of our new database. Contacting our host didn't even help as they never took the time to respond back; so we had to start all over which was literally hundreds of hours worth of work. Then things in my personal life started to unravel, and I was forced to take a short break. I started working on the network again, and again I was forced to tend to things at home. I am now very happy to say that as of last week, I'm back to work on the network, and things are starting to look good.

About 92% of our database is complete.
A cosmetic issue that has been bugging me has finally been fixed.
Our template software has been updated
Our Music Notes Rewards software has been debugged, and I've fixed a technical issue that plagued our previous alpha build
Our Donation thermometer now has 7 levels instead of 5 giving everyone a better idea of exactly how much money we've raised.

As of today, I can not give an eta on our relaunch, but please continue to monitor this page as well as our social networks.

Thank you everyone,

12/12/2017 - 
I'm extremely pleased to announce that I have finally now returned to working on PGE. I unfortunately do not have an eta on when PGE will relaunch. I will be posting more information on Sunday evening.

09/13/2017 - 
I've had some personal issues to take care of which has forced me to temporarily halt work on PGE.
I'm working as much as I can & fingers crossed we'll be open by Halloween :)

08/14/2017 - 
Most of the backend of the network has been completed & should be completed by Wednesday.

07/25/2017 - 
Thank you for visiting. I am still rebuilding the network & hope to relaunch the site before the end of September.