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Pirates Gold Entertainment
Contest Rules:

These rules cover all of our contests:

1) Participation is open to everyone, however if you are under the age of eighteen we are legally bound to have your parent or guardian’s written consent.

Until we get our consent forms online we require the following information:
Participant’s Name
Participant’s Address
Participant’s Telephone number
Participant’s Age
Participant’s Birthday
Participant’s Signature
If the participant is 16 or older we require a copy of his or her state issued ID or DL.
Parent or Guardian’s permission (This can be either hand written or typed, but must include a hand written signature)
Parent or Guardian’s Name
Parent or Guardian’s Address
Parent or Guardian’s Telephone number
Copy of Parent or Guardian’s state issued ID or DL
Proof of relationship to the participant
Written consent must be notarized

After you have the consent notarized you will need to mail it to:
Pirates Gold Entertainment
1325 Money St. 6B
Augusta, Ks 67010

This information will be privately stored on file for future entries into our contests. We will not use this information in anyway for any reason whatsoever. This information will not be shared with anyone including legal authority(state, local, federal) without proper and verifiable notification (warrant). This information will be securely destroyed upon the closure of Pirates Gold Entertainment or within the death of Participant.

2) We do not use contest submissions nor winners' submissions as consent to automatically promote Pirates Gold Entertainment without first the written consent of the participant. This does not include submissions from participants 17 years and younger as they are automatically exempt from any of our promotional advertisements.

3) Any submissions found to be forged or falsified will be automatically disqualified. Basically if the picture is not of you, do NOT submit it!

4) Any submissions appearing to promote the use of illegal drinking or drugs will NOT be accepted.

5) Do NOT promote anything in your submissions that you do NOT have the permission to do so. Any submissions that must be removed will result in the immediate suspension of the submitter’s account pending further investigation. Depending on the outcome of the investigation the submitter’s account maybe locked & the submitter banned from the network for life.

All PGE Contest rules can & will be modified as deemed necessary.

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