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Since relaunching the network a little over a month ago, you'll probably notice that the copyright at the bottom of the network has changed a couple of times.

Part of the problem is my fault as I didn't backup our stuff before trying to fix some of the problems that I was encountering which reset a lot of stuff. The other issue is that I need to make our copyright notice visible to the widest audience possible letting everyone know that I take pride in my work, and I need to not only protect the work I've done, but also the developers who's software that makes PGE possible.

So I decided to revert back to our original copyright layout for our desktop users and post our copyright information in a more appropriate place. If you go to our About Us page and scroll to the bottom you'll see what both of our copyright logos represent, and a link for more information on what our copyrights protect.

Please use the contact form & send a message to General Questions if you have any questions about our copyright notices.
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