Weekly Update Report Changes

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:dj:Happy Sunday July 31st, 2011

Weekly Update & Uptime Changes

I hope everyone is doing well this Sunday morning.

I am making some changes here at Pirates Gold Entertainment today that I'm hoping will help me decrease my production time here on the site and increase my productivity.

I am trying to ramp up the amount of work I put into the site here and
in addition I will be out trying to promote Pirates Gold Entertainment to the community of Colorado Springs in the coming days so my time is starting to become tight.

The first change you'll notice is that all update reports will be named in "weekly" format similar to our uptime reports and our update reports will start today. This means that our update reports will now run from Sunday to Saturday instead of Saturday to Friday.

The second change that I'm making will be the frequency of our update reports. Update reports will be updated as soon as our update is made public. This means that an update report could be updated several times throughout the day or even daily.

Another change we're making is on our Uptime Reports. Starting today all Uptime Reports will be posted on Sundays after 10AM MST.

I hope these changes make reading our update reports more convenient for you.

As always I look forward to hearing from everyone whether or a member or a guest visiting for your first time. Take the time to use our contact form and let us know about your experience here.

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