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First I want to say that I'm sorry the site has been down for so long recently.

What started it all:
After suffering from database errors almost nightly from our host over the first two weeks we were back after almost a year of being gone, our site went offline for over 6 hours. Affecting our Friday night / early Saturday morning traffic.

We gave our host ample time to discuss what had happened, but they never did.
So at 3AM Sunday I pulled the site down, and changed our nameservers.

New Host:
After taking care of things, our internet went down and I was unable to get our site files uploaded to the new host until late Sunday night / early Monday morning. Which by the way took over 4 hours to get all of our files uploaded due to our host constantly stalling our uploads.

At 3AM Monday our site was back up and running with a few issues affecting our news, links database, & users profiles. We contacted with our host's owner who informed us that their memory limit was 32M and we were exceeding that limit which was why we were having the issues.
When he suggested we remove certain things in the backend that allow us to bring you the content that we do, I calmly explained that removing the item(s) he was suggesting would be the same as deleting the pages. The items he suggested we remove to fix the errors were what allows us to bring you guys & dolls the latest news from various sources.
Needless to say he walked away from the discussion as we did not hear back from him within a short period of time. To my surprise he did eventually come back and this time he had an attitude with me.
I calmly explained again to him that a lot of research and hard work went into this site and if the issues were only affecting our news area of the site I would look into some work arounds, however our brand new links directory was being affected as well as our users profiles. I am not for the good of my users going to remove features that they enjoy. Then I thanked him for his time and let him know that we are now going to move our site either back to our previous host or to another host.
Surprisingly he apologized for the inconvenience & let me knew that he understood.

Monday 7AM - New New Host:
We've moved again after only being set up with our new host for 4 hours. I was a little leery of registering our site with our current host for a couple of reasons but upon further examination I decided to go ahead and get us registered. Registration was not quite immediate, but once we were given our new namesevers and FTP address we were up and rolling.
By 8AM all of our files had been FTPed to our new host, our namesevers had been changed, our database was created, & our MX Records were added. All in all this had been a very quick process. So now we had to play the wait and see game to make sure everything was working as it should.

Tuesday 1:30AM
I'm pleased to announce that we are back up & running and as far as I can tell, error FREE. This process thankfully took less than 24 hours.
I don't know if it's my internet connection or my host, but while I was typing up this report I did open a new tab and which I visited certain areas of the site that had spit out errors previous and it took a little bit for them to load but they loaded without a problem :)

At this point I am hoping & keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to stay here for awhile. Moving a site like this really wears me out and causes all kinds of concerns. Also our current host does not appear to have any issues with downtime & database errors so our downtime should now be a thing of the past.

Thank you for your time, & your patience.
I look forward to your continued membership here, along with your feedback!


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