Upgrade Report - What we need & why

7 years 4 months ago #81 by admin
Back in August 2011 I had decided to perform a major upgrade on the network. This upgrade involved upgrading our platform from 1.5.23 to 1.7. This upgraded platform caused many problems & headaches for us including but not limited to:
  • A change in our news feed software
  • A change in our community groups software
  • A change in everyone's blogs
  • Loss of Last.fm
  • Pirates Gallery
  • Our donation mod
  • Our contact form
and most importantly our look & layout.

I received word from several groups yesterday that gave me some good news to celebrate that I wanted to share with everyone.

The software that powers Pirates Gallery does not work on the upgraded 1.7 platform, but we have been told that it is very close to being released.
In addition the company who designed our look & layout as also updated it for the 1.7 platform.

So for those of you who are wondering if we'll ever attempt to upgrade the site again the answer is yes, However for us to do that the following is very much NEEDED!
  • $50 to upgrade our template aka Look & Layout
  • 8 Euros to upgrade our news feed software
  • 75 Euros to upgrade our community groups software. In addition this will be bring in a couple of new features as well.
  • Last & most important we can not upgrade the site before the Pirates Gallery software is released.
So if your curious as to how much these upgrades are going to cost in $s we are looking at about $164.31

I will update everyone as things change including any donations received.

Thanks for your time,

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