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Whether you call them chat rooms or you call them groups, we have a handful with more coming soon.
So I wanted to take a moment to list the groups and give you a brief description of each.

Lobby -
This is the perfect place especially if new to Pirates Gold Entertainment or don't have friends yet.

The Grand Ballroom -
This room while currently open to everyone can & will be shutdown for special events and will be used for special live events.

The Country Bar -
This group is perfect for all of you country music lovers.

The Jazz Lounge -
As the name implies this group was created for those of you who just want a place to chill and interact with other jazz music fans.

The Loft -
The Loft was created for those of you who live in Europe or wherever & are into Dance, Techno, Trance, and other various forms of electronica music.

Arenas & Stadiums -
For those of who love rock music & think about all of those huge stages and pyrotechnics this is your room.

Lights, Camera, Action -
As an actor or a movie buff have you been hoping for a room where you & all of your friends can gather and discuss your favorite movies, shows, & productions? Then welcome to Lights, Camera, Action.

I sincerely hope you find this chat program useful in communicating with friends as well as making new ones.

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