Update Report for 06/10 - 06/16

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:dj:Update Report for June 10th, 2018 to June 16th, 2018

Monday June 11th
  • Links directory settings have been changed to fix our html problem
  • Online radio services / stations are now available in the links directory.
  • FAQs menu item has been changed to display our General FAQs in an article reverse order.
  • What this means is that all new articles will appear at the bottom of the list. Once our general category has more than 10 FAQ articles we'll change it to display articles in alphabetical order in hopes to make it easier for you find what you need.
Tuesday June 12th
  • Your Music Notes balance now appears underneath the logout button
  • Don't forget you can always check your balance by looking for "points" on your community forum profile
Wednesday June 13th
  • The links directory was emptied out for database issues & is currently being repopulated
Saturday June 16th
  • Upgraded our lightbox software

This week's extra:

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