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What is Pirates Gold Entertainment?

Since August 29, 2011

Pirates Gold Entertainment is the #1 social music network in the world.

Our History:
We started out as Pirates Gold Radio broadcasting exclusively on the now defunct Mercora platform in October 2004. Due to internal changes at Mercora we left their platform and begun broadcasting independently. Later after a lot of complications including a hard drive that died on us causing us to go off the air and thousands of man hours in trying to recover our music library we finally returned to the air and returned to Mercora.

Unfortunately Pirates Gold Radio officially went off the air in June 2007, due to reasons beyond our control.

The birth of Pirates Gold Entertainment:
In September 2007 I made the decision to re-brand Pirates Gold Radio into Pirates Gold Entertainment expanding our global brand into a true Entertainment organization.

Our first incarnation of Pirates Gold Entertainment was launched on the now defunct MK Portal. At the time MK Portal was both considered a basic content management system as well as an advance forum community portal. Our users communicated with each other via forums as well as as an earlier version of our chat application. Just like today they also had profiles & blogs.

Unfortunately unbeknown to myself and our members Pirates Gold Entertainment life was about to head "south". In January 2008 our host went offline virtually taking us offline indefinitely. There was nothing I could do once I found out that Pirates Gold Entertainment was no longer online.

In May 2009 I was hard at work planning for the return of Pirates Gold Entertainment and in June we launched officially to the public. We launched on a new platform with more features than in the original incarnation. Pirates Gold Entertainment also inherited the nickname "PGE". Over the next year we consistently launched new & powerful features including the integration of Last.FM, twitter and the launch of the 1st phase of our branded Music Notes reward program.

Unfortunately we hit the peak of our success in June 2010 when we were unable to renew our hosting package. Unfortunately it wouldn't have really made much difference as our host closed down a couple of months later. To make matters worse someone who I brought into the company screwed us over financially and our domain name went into auction.

At the very last minute someone snatched up our domain name at a very cheap price and has since turned our named into a drug site promoting viagra. We are keeping an eye on our domain name and if it becomes available again we will purchase it. We believe that what the new owner of Pirates Gold Radio .com has done with the address had defaced & embarrassed all of us.

Rebirth of Pirates Gold Entertainment:
Earlier this month, May 2011, we were able to regain access to our Pirates Gold Entertainment .co.cc address & we successfully signed on with a new temporary host. Because this is a temporary host The Listening Lounge will not be returning to PGE until we move to a permanent host early next year. Yes we know that's another 7 months away, but we do not want to ruin a good thing and we want to keep our servers' resources low. The listening lounge has the ability to really raise our servers' resources and we don't want to go offline again before we find our new permanent host.

Our falls and slow growing pains:
Unfortunately 2012 turned out to a be a bad financial year for me so I wasn't able to pump any money into Pirates Gold Entertainment until late in the year when I was able to get a job. In October of '12 I was able to upgrade & create a 1yr permanent foothold with my host keeping us online for atleast the next year. On November 22, 2012 I was finally able to re-purchase our domain name, and I put a 5 year hold on our domain name further securing our name & place for well into the future.

While I had finally secured this business that I have put so much love & heart into over the past few years, I have been failing over the past year to keep up with the updates & social networking that built PGE into what it is. Spending nearly 24/7 in an 18wheeler traveling across the country for work has made life and PGE harder than I fully realized & expected.

New Year, New Look, & More of what you love!
Late last year, December 2017, I resumed work on the PGE network, and with all of the problems that were looming and technical difficulties it only took me a little over 3 months to relaunch the network. Everything under the hood is practically brand new. It's not just the software that's been upgraded. Our domain names have even switched registrars. PGE stopped being a social music network a long time ago & our logo has finally been updated to reflect that.

A great deal of time has been spent on having to redesign a handful of features, due to the loss of the rss feeds. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. While some companies have chosen to shut down their feeds others are not only using them, but embracing them. These rss feeds are what power the majority of our content, and without them PGE would not be here today.

A look to the future:

  • I am currently evaluating our hosting situation, and will be fully securing our network by the end of the year. This will potentially solve several current issues with content not appearing in our lightboxes.
  • Adding more frontpage news
  • Adding more Events features
  • Hopefully working with several broadway information sites towards the end of the summer to bring even more theatre content to the network
  • Relaunching the Music Video of the week, Movie of the week, & Across the pond (monthly) columns.

This was written in no particular order

Thank you so much for your time, love, & Memories. I can't wait to see with the future holds for us!


*We will update this page as needed*

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