Radio Station Monitors

Radio Station Monitors or RSMs

What are radio station monitors? Radio station monitors are people who frequently check to make sure that the radio stations' information in their area are accurate.

Here at Pirates Gold Entertainment we are building the world's largest Music directory, and the bigger our directory becomes the possibility for inaccuracy increases. This is why we need YOU.

Position Details:

  • At least once every 2 weeks verify your local stations' information via their website and or by listening to the station
  • At least once a month using our Contact Us form you'll send our Webmaster a message confirming that your area's local stations' information displayed in our Links directory is accurate.

This position should take no more than 30 minutes depending on the number of stations in your local listening area.
On average all radio station clusters (stations in one area owned by the same broadcaster) will have the same address, Main (business) & fax number.

What qualifications do I need in order to apply?

  • You MUST be at least 13yrs old.
  • You must live in the same area or listening area as the stations you are wanting to monitor.
  • You must be a member of Pirates Gold Entertainment (Click here to register if your not already a member).
  • Your profile MUST be 100% filled out. We check!

How do I apply?

  • Click here to send us your application.
    Who do I send my application to? You'll send your application to Human Resources.
  • You MUST include the following:
    *First & Last Name
    *City & State
    *Valid Phone Number
    *Detailed reason why you want this position for your area


  • For each month you remain a Radio Station Monitor you'll earn 90 Music Notes. Points are calculated on the last day of the month*.


  • Can I be a radio station monitor for stations that are not in the Links directory?
    NO - Once your listening area has been added to our Links directory we will begin accepting applications for the position. Please keep an eye on Radio Station Monitor Positions here for open positions.
  • What do I do if my station is getting ready to change it's information or has changed their information?
    Visit with your local station either in person or by phone and confirm all information that is changing or has changed.
    Then using our Contact Us form send Links Directory a message with the following information:
    *Your listening area (includes city & state)
    *Call letters & Station Name
    *ALL Updated information
  • Why do we have to verify our local stations' information twice a month?
    Station information can change in a moments notice because most stations don't usually inform their listening area that their information is about to change. On average most companies only release the information less than a week before the change.
  • What if I find a station that you've missed for my area?
    If you've found a station in your area use our Contact Us form to send Links Directory a message with the following information:
    Your listening area (city & state)
    Call letters & Station name of missed station
    Station Owner (ex. iHeartMedia)
    Address of missed station (street address, city, state, zip)
    Business phone number & fax number if applicable
    Studio phone number & fax number if applicable
    Website Address/URL of missed station
    Social Networking information (optional)
    I will take care of the station's logo
  • Why do we only have to contact you at least once a month?
    The reason you only have to contact us once a month is to check in with us so that we know you are still monitoring your local stations' information.

*Music Notes are pro-rated from the time you are approved til the end of current month. This keeps all RSMs on the same cycle.