What is the Music Notes Reward Program?

Music Notes Reward Program

The "Music Notes" Reward Program is an incentive that we, here at Pirates Gold Entertainment, came up with to keep our Pirates & Landlubbers active in the network and to entice new visitors into joining and staying active.

  • So how does this work?

You'll earn a bag of Music Notes upon joining, doing various activities in the network, and logging in every day.

  • What if I don't want to join Music Notes or have anything to do with the program?

All registered users of Pirates Gold Entertainment are automatically enrolled in the Music Notes reward program. You'll still continue to earn Music Notes each time you log into the network and do various activities. Just simply don't worry about spending your points when that option comes later in the near future.

  • What happens if I don't log in everyday?

Absolutely nothing; You just will not receive your Music Notes for that day.

  • Do my Music Notes expire?

Absolutely NOT! They are yours to keep forever or until we close the network down. *However* If you do not log into the network at least once every 30 days you will loose some Music Notes.

  • I can get Bonus Music Notes?

YES! You will earn a bonus bag of Music Notes each year on your birthday.

  • Can I trade or give away my Music Notes?

No. We have not enabled that feature. Since we are just launching we have not yet preformed enough tests to see whether or not this is good for the "economy".

  • Can I purchase more Music Notes?

Not at this time. This is a feature we are planning to launch in our second phase.