Rádio Expres


Radio Expres is a multi-regional (nationwide) commercial radio, which aims to take care of their own students and business partners, and regular monitoring in the most satisfying their different needs. It is a modern and responsive media with a stable ...

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Radio FM+


Radio FM + is a legend! Began broadcasting in Sofia at 17:16 on October 15, 1992 with the song "Radio Ga Ga" to the Queen.

Radio FM + is the first private radio station in Bulgaria, founded by Peter Punchev, Konstantin Tilev Kiril Kalev and B ...

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Radio Fresh!


Radio Fresh! - "Hits Today" is the hit number one radio in Bulgaria Radio for contemporary and modern hits with an audience between 18-34 years old

Radio Fresh! you can hear the hits today, the hottest gossip and showbiz int ...

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formerly SKY.fm



Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Rock

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