The Listening Lounge

Welcome to The Lounge!

The Listening Lounge was originally created in 2010 as an on-demand library where you the listener could go and listen to various songs from various albums from indie & unsigned artists. Unfortunately the original programmer who created the library software we were using decided to take a break from the software and never "came back".

Life goes on and Joomla is updated and the software no longer works and as of today (nearly 9yrs later), I have yet to find an alternative. I also haven't been able to find and hire a web programmer either to build what we need from scratch that'll work on our platform.

So... As we move forward in 2019 I'm making some drastic changes to The Listening Lounge.

The first change will be our name. The Listening Lounge is becoming The Lounge
Why...? Because of my lack of resources and have yet to find a programmer I'm taking The Lounge in a slightly different direction than it's original purpose. The Lounge will no longer be a Spotify style area of The PGE Network focusing on on-demand listening, but an audio hub focusing on live streaming, on-demand programming and podcasts.
You'll still see "The Listening Lounge" in the menu for the next few weeks to give people time to adjust to the new name

As we progress further into 2019 you'll begin to see more available programming not only from this page, but also various sections which will become available to you a registered member of The PGE Network.

Today February 4th, 2019 we have added Podcasts & Live streams to the menu.
This new section can be found by mousing over The Listening Lounge within the menu and is only available to logged in members.

Over the course of the next month we'll be rolling out the entire "A State Of Trance" YouTube library and reaching out to Armin Van Buuren's team for any missing episodes.
You'll find A State Of Trance in the Podcasts & Live streams section making this awesome collection of music exclusive to registered members only

Please stay tuned to PGE's front page news, this page and our facebook page for further updates!


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